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Connecting Pakistani Talent across the globe.

Join the exclusive community of talented Pakistani professionals, entrepreneurs and investors to share knowledge and explore opportunities.


Access an extensive network of experienced professionals and startups for recruitment and/or investment


Grow your network, learn new skills, share knowledge and find employment/investment opportunities


Find funding opportunities, connect with experienced business mentors/advisors and search for your next star employee

Weekly Events live webinars

Weekly events showcase upcoming Startups, accomplished Pakistanis, technologists, and investment experts sharing knowledge across various domains including but not limited to stocks, commodities, real estate, etc.

Introducing Expert Panel

Paklaunch.com has a panel of industry experts in selected domains. We host webinars and offer discussion forums for our experts to share their expertise, connect with the members, and answer any questions.

Product Management



Business Consulting



Learning Opportunities

Courses and Trainings

Paklaunch.com offers different courses and trainings across different subject areas and topics taught by industry experts. We will continue to add new courses for our members.

Special topics in Product Management

Coaching for Businesses & Startups

Connect with industry experts

Our interest-specific groups keep conversations relevant

Rapidfire Interviews with industry leaders

Paklaunch.com brings to you a series of interviews with industry leaders and experts where they answer our questions about their journeys and share advice.

Aly Fahd
Kheam Khan
Ali Hasan Butt
Syed Fahad Khalid
Zari Zahra

Our Team

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