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“Incorporation & Banking for Startups Made Easy” an interesting one especially for young entrepreneurs & professionals. 2021 has been one of the best years for Pakistani startups. This has been possible through the revolution in old ways of funding & the sheer determination of entrepreneurs. Learn how incorporation & banking has been made easy for startups and how young entrepreneurs can take advantage of it.

“Crypto in Southeast Asia & Play2Earn” Learn market trends & themes, lessons from SEA crypto that can be applied to PK. How crypto brokerages work and how one can go about setting it up in Pakistan. Business opportunities available of Blockchain gaming and why it’s so exciting. Play2earn guilds and business opportunities around that. This Session is especially useful for retail investors, entrepreneurs, VCs, and crypto enthusiasts.

Our guest is Mr. Wasif Rizvi, President Habib University and our host is Mr. Ali Nomani, Co-Founder Out-Class. In this conversation, we will cover the mission of Habib University, the major challenges higher education in Pakistan faces today, and how Habib University is addressing those challenges. We will also discuss the future aspirations and focus.

Bilal Mahmood is a Candidate for California State Assembly. He is a civil servant and entrepreneur with experience in both the public and private sectors committed to delivering bold solutions. His background is in neuroscience and has experience working in both government and business.

How Pakistan fits in VC trends of Middle East Africa Pakistan Turkey-Philip Bahoshy, Founder MAGNiTT. In this webinar, we discussed the latest trends from across the Emerging Venture Market space- similarities of the Pakistani ecosystem to those around it as well as its differences and opportunities, the key drivers for growth and what lies ahead.

Design Thinking Mashhood Alam

Free Expert Panel Series by Mashhood Alam on Design Thinking. Mashhood is Senior Director, Digital Experience Platform at Equinix. In a rapidly changing world where machines are automating not just the mundane, but even higher order tasks, we must build our skills to innovate.

“Thriving in the Face of Uncertainty”
As we navigate the constantly evolving new normal and continuously learn to embrace uncertainty and tackle unforeseen challenges. This conversation will share story of Abdul Munim sheikh and show us how he managed to thrive in the face of uncertainty and even use it to his advantage.

This fireside chat gives access to the knowledge and the experiences of Pakistani top founders and startup mentors. Our guests discussed topics like due diligence, valuations, investment process, investor pitches, and go-to-market strategies.

A Fireside Chat with Christopher Schroeder, Founder Next Billion Ventures. We discussed Chris Schroeder’s career journey, global tech trends, his interest in Pakistani startup ecosystem, his advice to founders raising funds and much more

“Choosing Courage: The Everyday Guide to Being Brave at Work” – Dr. James Detert. Dr. Detert’s research focuses on workplace courage, improvement-oriented voice (why people speak up or stay silent at work), ethical decision-making and behavior, and other leadership-related topics.

“Winning with AI: A behind the scene look on how leading AI firm gives enterprise firms the competitive edge with AI”. webinar with ADDO AI’s Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Ayesha Khanna & Zartash Uzmi the co-founder of Confiz and, the leading software platforms of Pakistan.

A Fireside Chat with Teddy Himler – General Partner, Antler, where we discussed his background, how he makes funding decisions, his investments in Pakistan, what he thinks of the ecosystem, his advise for young entrepreneurs and much more.

How Sports are Changing The Game of Technology & VC.
A Fireside chat with Akif Malik & Raheel Bodla Success Coach.
In this session, we discussed the world of sports and technology, and how it’s way bigger than some might realize.

What does it mean for Pakistan?
The panel discussed the recent developments in Afghanistan and how it will affect Pakistan. Panel covered political, economic, and various other aspects.

SEMICONDUCTORS: NEW WORLD ORDER & PAKISTAN – The main aim is to make awareness in Pakistan about the chip industry (FPGA, ASICs, System on Chips), especially for those who graduated with Electronics or semiconductor majors and looking for ideas (RTL level verification, Physical Design verification, SoC designs, etc) to open a start-up/entrepreneurship.

A Fireside chat with Mr. Shafiq Khan – President and Mr. Imran Sayeed.
Mr. Shafiq & Mr. Imran are founding partners of Teach the World Foundation, a non-profit which aims to enhance global literacy using digital technology, currently operating in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Malawi.

In this webinar, Raghib Hussain, President Marvell Technology talked about his journey from engineering to entrepreneurship, challenges, and lessons for other founders.

In this webinar Mr. Arya Setiadharma talked about his journey from an operator to VC, the current startup landscape of Indonesia, parallel with the Pakistani tech ecosystem, and lessons for Pakistani entrepreneurs and investors. presents the Evolution of the Pakistani Startup Ecosystem. An interesting webinar geared towards the opportunities in Pakistani Startups.

Paklaunch presents a NYC-based growth-stage venture and private equity investment firm founded and led by distinguished Pakistani-Americans.

In the webinar, we discuss Farah’s journey to politics, challenges faced, lessons learnt, her future plans, and message for those who want to follow her footsteps.

Paklaunch presents an interactive panel discussion on Angel Investing where expert panelists share their own experience on how to evaluate new startups especially the early-stage ones.

In this webinar, we discuss Myra’s background, her personal journey from investment banker to an entrepreneur, Conatural’s mission, recent growth, challenges, and the future plans.

Webinar will cover Pakistan Stock Exchange’s recent growth, its factors, market and its transparency, GEM and much more.

Paklaunch AgriTech Panel, featuring Favad Soomro (Director, Engro Foundation), Ali Mukhtar (Founder and CEO, Fatima Ventures), Shoaib Malik (Director, Kausar Group and Partner, Walled City Co.) and Umer Saeed (Founder, Activ8).

PakLaunch hosts the founders of a trailblazing startup, DeafTawk that aims to empower deaf community

Ahmed Khan is the Founder of Cheetay Logistics, an E-Commerce venture aiming to integrate online retail with a logistics platform.

Dr. Samar shares his journey from investment banking to an entrepreneur, lessons learnt, exciting updates from Roomy, and many more.

Dr Naveed Sherwani has launched 18 startups and raised close to $1B in funding. He currently serves as Chairman of Silicon Federation

Yousuf Khan is a Partner at Ridge Ventures, an early-stage $150M venture capital fund investing in experienced founders redefining how the world uses software.

Faiz Ahmed is Founder of Macro Pakistani, a data driven research platform that aims to provide a basic understanding of Pakistan’s economy.

Dr Asad Majeed Khan is a career Pakistan foreign service officer, assumed his current position as Pakistani ambassador to the United States

Mauqa.Online develops online tools to connect the marginalized with nearby employment opportunities.

Mr. Fayyaz Ilyas, Mr. Noman Tabani and Mr. Zeeshan Shah discuss the prospects and growth of Pakistan Real Estate

Dr. Muneeb Ali is the founder of Stacks, a decentralized network that brings apps and smart contracts to Bitcoin

i2i Ventures team will be sharing how they make investment decisions in a data-scarce market like Pakistan.

Tasdeeq is a social impact initiative that leverages technology to help domestic workers break the vicious cycle of poverty.

This is the first session of the series of panel discussions around the challenges faced by the governments and how technology can help.

Salman Khalid will provide an overview of the dysfunction of the power sector of Pakistan

Dr Ahson Rabbani, CEO ChildLife Foundation, will be sharing the challenges his organization faces and how the technology can help.

TAG (Pakistan’s first financial SuperApp).
Talal A. Gondal – CEO/Founder TAG
Raheel Bodla – Sucess Coach

ConsoliAds (First’s first Adtech platform)
Asad Mahmood – CEO/Founder ConsoliAds
Ali Hasan Butt – Regional Head of Strategy, EMEA

Findmyadventure is Pakistan’s first online travel and tourism marketplace

Hamza Iqbal is Founder and CEO of Healthwire, a health startup focused on aggregating all stakeholders of the healthcare ecosystem and providing seamless digital healthcare experience to patients

A fireside chat between Safwan Shah, Founder and CEO PayActiv, and Faisal Aftab, Managing Partner Lakson VC fund, covering all-things PayActiv and the lessons for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Ehsan Saya is the MD of, one of the largest ecommerce retailers of Pakistan.

Junaid Kalim, CEO Kalim Group of Companies shares his views on Pakistan real estate market landscape, opportunities and challenges

Zohaib Khan, Practice Lead Red Hat, talks about DevOps, Microservices, Kubernetes and Containers

Malik Ahmad Jalal, Founder & CEO, Zambeel Partners & Cordoba Ventures, a grocery E-commerce solution based out of Lahore, Pakistan

Faisal Aftab, Managing Partner & Executive Director, Lakson VC

Dr. Zafar Shahid, Video Infra Architect, Facebook

Adeel Hashmi presents the worth of words in today’s world, and how the words are loosing their meaning while being branded, and limiting intellect.

Syed Javed Hassan, Chairman NAVTTC

Muneeb Maayr is the founder of Bykea: the largest network of motorbikes serving on-demand transport, logistics and payment services in Pakistan.

Zain Gulamali manages the Amazon Alexa Fund, Amazon’s $200MM venture capital fund investing in artificial intelligence, enterprise, IoT and connected devices, robotics, voice technology, and more

Dr. Farrah Arif from Lahore, Pakistan, is a university professor, a PhD from the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, Commonwealth scholar, certified trainer from Harvard Business School (HBS) and Founder of EDTechWorx

Dr. Aliya Khalid is a UK Trained Psychiatrist with 10 years experience of training and working in the UK, and now she is practicing as a Consultant Psychiatrist in Islamabad.

Ali Shafqat is the CEO & CIO of Qbera Capital LLP, which is a boutique merchant bank based in London and having offices in Johannesburg and Dubai.

Dr. Wardah Inam (CEO, Overjet), Zari Zahra (CPO, Spekit) and Safwan Shah (CEO, PayActiv)

Learn the dynamics of new Roshan Pakistan Digital initiative from PTI government.

Arslan Zuberi with his passion for entrepreneurship led him to establish Spuds™. He now aspires it to be a profitable nationwide casual fast dine-in brand within the next 2 years and to be a renowned global food brand in the next 5 years.

Raheel Bodla is a Business Coach based in Silicon Valley with 20 years of work experience. He coaches and serves business owners, startups and leaders to maximize their results

Taimur Saleem Khan Jhagra is current Provincial Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa for Finance and Health.

Dr. Sohaib Khan has a PhD in Computer Science from University of Central Florida and is one of the founding members of the LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship.

Why Jack Dorsey and other major tech figures are suddenly interested in Africa? Learn about the opportunities from entrepreneurs on the ground.

vCarpool is the largest Intercity ride-sharing platform of Pakistan. It is a socially responsible startup focused to address the pain points for commuters.

Mr. Shoaib Sarwar (Deputy Consul General of Pakistan, LA): Linking Pakistan with Silicon Valley

Dr. Wardah Inam is the CEO of Overjet, a dental startup using AI to help dental organizations improve patient care.

Dr. Mahboob Mahmood is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Knowledge Platform. Established in 2000, Knowledge Platform is a leading Asian learning solutions company, with a presence in Singapore, China, India and Pakistan, and partners in the Philippines and Thailand.

Rabeel Warraich is joining Salman Chatta as they discuss investing in Pakistan. Dr. Hammad Khan, CEO QuanVolve will be the moderator.

Aamir Hussain is a graduate in Computer Systems and MBA from Schulich school of business has been running a rice mill in Mandi Bahauddin, Punjab for the past 10 years. His rice milling business has seen steady growth over the decade.

Dr. Faheem Khan is Founder and CEO of Fourien Inc. founded two years ago in Edmonton, Canada with an aim to develop MEMS sensors for cheaper, rapid and convenient personalized diagnostics.

A sportstech company with a vision to provide amateurs to pros with game changing tech to help unlock true sporting potential.

Adeel Shaffi is the Co-Founder and VP engineering of PriceOye, a shopping intelligence engine turned E-Commerce store.

Zorays Khalid – after successfully running a renowned renewable energy company from Pakistan is set to revolutionise the EV charging industry.

Pakistani Real Estate – Panel Discussion on Landscape, Challenges and Opportunities

The school of the next century, is for developing countries. E-School will come to every single kid around, instead of ages old versions of humans going to school premises.

A deep dive into the process that Hassan Adnan adopted to start a management consulting with a technology advantage.

Faysal Funds (FAML), a subsidiary of Faysal Bank Limited, is the fastest growing asset management company in Pakistan.

The session will provide a detailed capture of running an export-centric IT Services business in Pakistan focused around Emumba and what the journey has been and where the company as at right now.

Despite limited participation of retail investors, Pakistan Stock Exchange provides a diverse set of investment opportunities with more than 600 listed companies.